childings draws stuff most people do not care about

Contrasting interactions

"You’d better watch out or your metabolism is gonna catch up with you"
"I’m sure that’s none of your business"

Still in pre-writing mode as always, I’m re-working a lot of what I have so far. In my mind, Chad and Colette were actually already married, but Colette got fed up with Chad’s bullshit and they separated. He left some of his shit at their her house (records?) so they meet at a diner or wherever so he can pick it up. He says he’s buying and she can order anything (with the assumption that it would just be coffee or something) but she orders a stack of pancakes instead. This is his response.
Not exactly thrilling stuff here or anything new… just crap floating around in my mind
Typical sketchbook page
The yellow post-it — I was thinking a lot about 8th grade. I was adopted by a goth clique and the “leader” of that group liked to hang out on her roof and smoke. She had a really interesting room with shag carpet, and an interesting house in general. I tried to learn how to smoke by practicing in secret, but I failed. I kind of want to incorporate that into the comic.
I didn’t know what to draw so Antony suggested Char and Quess. I don’t really like how it came out but eh

Other old sketchbook garbage

These are old Psych Fest doodles I posted a while back and then removed because I didn’t feel like they were good enough for the art blog but I kind of like them so I’m putting them back up here. I’m bad at drawing people I see from memory and the pen drawings were done at work


This was in my sketchbook for a long time but I recently decided to color & post it
more work doodles
"contains authentic string"

I am a good artist I don’t know why I am so hard on myself